3 Function Hospital Bed Electric

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    3 Function Hospital Bed Electric

    Electric Home Care Bed \ Frail Care.
    Bed with battery backup, sides and over bed pole.

    ●  Aluminium folding sides.
    ● Steel epoxy coated bed frame.
    with rubber brake castors.
    ● Electric backrest and knee section.
    ● Electric height adjustment.
    ● FS577 Overbed lifting pole and handle.

    Maximum safe working load 160 kg

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    Drip Stand 5 Leg (Infusion Pole)

    Drip Stand 5 Leg Stainless Steel also known as an Infusion Pole (IV Pole). This 5 leg base is stable and prevents accidental toppling. It is easy to move around on the 75mm castors. The Stainless steel construction makes it great for hospital use.

    The T-Rod is height adjustable and can be modified by adjustable lever

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    Multimeter HB, Glucose and Cholesterol

    Nesco’s MultiCheck 3-in-1 Test Kit measures glucose, cholesterol and haemoglobin via a droplet’s of a patient’s blood.

    Separate test strips are required to test each of the above mentioned functions. All three types of test strips are available on our website. The device identifies the strips automatically which makes for comfortable ease of use.

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    Optima Biological Microscope G-206

    The OPTIMA® biological microscope G-206 is a standardized optical instrument. It is equipped with achromatic objectives and wide field eyepieces. The structure of G-206 is simple, easy to operate and maintenance. The model is beautiful and dignified. G-206 is the ideal instrument for the beginner or school educational application.