Product Categories

Our product portfolio represents hundreds of the most trusted and respected manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies across the healthcare industry. In addition, we work to continuously expand our selection of products and actively look for leading medical manufacturers to partner with.

Medical Equipment & Hospital Furniture Suppliers in South Africa

We supply hospitals and doctors’ rooms with:
✓   Diagnostic equipment
✓   Emergency Medical
✓   Medical Furniture
✓   Home Care Equipment
✓   Medical Linen
✓   Medical Consumables

Established in 2018, Vital Medical has been supplying South African healthcare facilities with state-of-the-art medical furniture, equipment, consumables and supplies from the world’s most respected brands.

From first aid rooms for schools and businesses, to complete solutions for large hospitals, Vital Medical takes pride in addressing the needs of all our clients, big and small, government and private.

Range of medical furniture and equipment we supply

Covid-19 Medical Equipment

We supply Covid-19 diagnostic equipment and scanning devices, oxygen therapy and ventilation equipment, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for frontline workers, including face masks and shields, goggles, gloves, and dispensers.

Diagnostic and Patient Monitoring Equipment

Vital Medical supplies a comprehensive suite of monitoring and diagnostic devices in South Africa, including stethoscopes, scales, ECG monitors, test kits, diagnostic stations, Dopplers and ultrasound products.

Doctor’s rooms and clinics

We offer everything you need to take care of your patients, including surgical sets, wheelchairs, bed screens, drug cabinets, diagnostic sets, dressing trolleys, dental chairs, general, obstetric, and gynaecological examinations chairs, infusion stands, emergency trolleys, exam lamps, medical waste bins and more.

Emergency equipment

Be prepared to help patients in a crisis with our range of emergency ventilation, defibrillation, and airway management equipment, stretchers and lifting equipment, first aid kits, emergency trolleys, and safety and training equipment.


Essential equipment for any medical facility, surgery suite or hospital – including bedpans and urinals, kidney dishes, jars, cups, buckets, bowls and medical trays.

Laboratory equipment

Vital Medical supplies a full range of lab equipment and devices for your facility, including centrifuges, analysers, sample freezers, incubators, water baths, test kits, homogenizers, syringe destroyers, clamps, blades, and UV sterilizers.

Medical consumable products

Vital Medical provides a wide range of medical and hospital consumable supplies in South Africa, including bandages, swabs and dressings, gloves and shoe covers, AED pads, burn gels and sprays, ice bags, suture packs, cotton wool products, scissors and forceps, disposable linen, drug tests, disinfectant wipes, catheters and urine bags, hand sanitizer and face masks, sharps containers, tongue depressors, etc.

Medical furniture

Vital Medical are leading suppliers of medical and hospital furniture in South Africa. We stock: Hospital beds and mattresses, examination couches, nursing area mobile stools and sterile supply trolleys, Mayo tables, bed screens, drip stands, storage furniture, overbed tables, steps and stools; and emergency, chart, instrument and procedure trolleys.

Medical linen and clothing

Hospital linen and clothing for patients, doctors, and nurses, including pillowcases, sheets, comforters, and pillows, medical scrubs, theatre clothing, PPE, and patient clothing.

Mobility and frail care equipment

Mobility aids and frail care accessories and furniture to make your patients as comfortable as possible, including wheelchairs, walkers and rollators, home care beds and pressure relieving mattresses, commodes and frail care bathrooms accessories, recliners, and patient lifters.

Theatre furniture

Nowhere is having the right medical supplies and equipment more important than in the theatre room. Vital offers anesthetic trolleys, bowl stands, medical sanitary ware, emergency trolleys, kick abouts and buckets, operation stools, instrument trolleys, Mayo tables, warming devices and more.

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