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    Electric Delivery Bed with Foot End

    • With easy detachable PP head and foot boards.
    • PP side rails on head side of bed, angle indicator on each side
    • The foot section is easily removed and installed, serum hanger housing at Four
    • Corners and 12 cm diameter impact bumper wheels. Foot supports on both sides steel tube chrome plated and straining handle.
    • High density foam mattress, liquid proof coated with vinlex, easy to disinfectant clean.
    • Steel construction parts are cleaned with an automatic system. And it is then painted with electrostatic powder coating at 180 degrees.
    • Delivery bed backrest, height and Trendelenburg movements can be adjusted easily and quietly with hand control.
    • Ability to move without difficulty and quietly by motor
    • Bed is mobile and can be moved easily through 4 rotatable wheels, two of the wheels are braked and the brake is activated when necessary.
    • There is a stainless waste bowl in the delivery bed.
    • Included with the bed is a height adjustable IV pole.
    • The knee supports are with height adjustment chrome plated steel and the footrest with upholstery top waterproof vinlex coating
    • Bed safe working load is 200 kg
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    Gynaecological Examination Bed

    1. The bed frame is made of high-quality carbon steel square tubes, and the main frame and legs of the bed are welded by 25×25×1.0mm square tubes, which are welded firmly and smoothly.
    2. The bottom of the bed is made of high-quality multi-layer solid wood composite board, and the top is covered with high-density sponge, and the high-quality leather surface is outside, which is soft and comfortable.

    Bed board size:1660*590*800mm

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    Obstetric Electric Bed

    Reverse Trendelenburg 012 degrees.
    ABS Head board.
    ABS Side rails.
    Motors from Taiwan. Ti Motion.
    Adjustable leg supports.
    Hand grips.
    Large bucket.
    Obstetric electric bed B48 Size:

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