First Aid Basic Kit

First Aid Kits

First aid kits for home use, industrial work areas and vehicles. Refills available as well

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    First Aid Basic Kit

    Basic First Aid Kit in quality bag. Easy to carry around and store.

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    First Aid Kit Regulation 7 Metal Box

    Government Regulation 7 First Aid Kit Large (5-50 Persons) in Metal Wall Mounted Box

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    First Aid Kit Regulation 7 Plastic Box

    Government Regulation 7 First Aid Kit in Heavy Duty Plastic Box:

    Suitable for:

    • Mines
    • Marine Ships
    • Heavy Industrial



    1     x  Antiseptic Solution 100ml                                1   x  Roll Hypo-Allergenic Paper Tape

    100 x  Gauze Swabs 75mm x 75mm                         10 x  Plaster Strips Loose

    10   x  Sterile Gauze Swabs 75mm x 75mm (5’s)      4   x  First Aid Dressing No. 3

    2     x  Cottonwool 50g                                                4   x  First Aid Dressing No. 5

    1     x  Forceps                                                            2   x  Green Plastic Interlocking Splints

    1     x  Scissors                                                           2   x  CPR Mouthpiece

    10   x  Safety Pins                                                       2   x  Pairs Gloves Medium

    4     x  Triangular Bandages                                       2   x  Pairs Gloves Large

    4     x  Conforming Bandages 75mm                         1   x  Burn Dressing 10cm x 10cm

    4     x  Conforming Bandages 100m                          1   x  Plaster Roll 25mm x 3, (Elastic Adhesive)


    Body fluid kit Include:

    Absorbent material for the absorption of blood and other body fluids

    Disinfectant to disinfect the area after cleaning up blood

    2 x Pairs Medium disposable rubber gloves

    Red disposable biohazard bag for the safe disposal of contaminated material

    Plastic Apron

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