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    3 Function Hospital Bed Electric

    Electric Home Care Bed \ Frail Care.
    Bed with battery backup, sides and over bed pole.

    ●  Aluminium folding sides.
    ● Steel epoxy coated bed frame.
    with rubber brake castors.
    ● Electric backrest and knee section.
    ● Electric height adjustment.
    ● FS577 Overbed lifting pole and handle.

    Maximum safe working load 160 kg

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    4 Blade Laryngoscope Set

    The laryngoscope is a device used to obtain a view of the vocal folds and glottis, which is the space between the cords


    • Manufactured from high quality Japanese non-magnetic stainless steel
    • Single piece construction ensures blade integrity
    • Smooth satin finish makes cleaning and sterilisation optimal
    • Set comes with size 0 and 1 Miller Blade and size 3 and 4 Macintosh Blade
    • Handle design promotes comfortable grip
    • Durable soft carry case included
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    4 Blade Laryngoscope Set – Fibre Optic

    Fibre optic laryngoscope set in carry case with 4 blades and a handle

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    5 Blade Laryngoscope Set – Fibre Optic

    A high end Fibre Optic Laryngoscope set with an adult and paediatric handle and 5 blades

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    5 Drawer Emergency Trolley

    5 drawers with related accessories.

    2 x Waste bins.
    1 x Plastic cardiac board
    1 x Oxygen bottle holder.
    1 x Sliding shelf.
    125 mm castors 2 with brakes.
    1 x File cassette.
    1 x Sharps container.
    1 X Plug and extension.
    1 x I V pole.
    1 X ABS working shelf.
    1X Total single key lock system.

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    5 Function ICU Bed Electric

    High quality cold-rolled steel.
    Head and legs power adjustment: Head :0-75 °, legs :0-40 °
    Adjustable bed height: 435 mm -850 mm.
    Trendelenburg:0-20 °
    Folding safety rails.
    Bed head and bed foot removable .
    Emergency CPR function.


    Bed: 1980 x 900mm,
    Bed body: 2090 x 910 mm.
    Weight Capacity: 182 kg
    Net Weight: 128KG.
    Battery backup

    Head and foot end may vary.

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    Adjustable Stiffneck Collar

    Adult sized adjustable rigid collar for immobilising potential cervical injuries. Manufactured from quality HDPE material

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    Advanced Life Support Contents

    Contents for Advanced Life Support level of care

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    Advanced Life Support Jump bag

    The pride of our range of jump Bags, the AmbuPAC bag offers maximum packing space for all Paramedic equipment needs.

    **Excludes contents**

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    AED NF1200 (Public Access Defibrillator)

    • Model: NF1200 iPAD Biphasic: e-cube Biphasic
    • Energy: Adult 200J (Fixed) Child 50J (Fixed)
    • Charge time < 10 seconds from shock advised
    • ECG analysis: VF, VT, AAMI DF39
    • Guideline: Clear verbal and visual instruction guided in any predefined language.
    • Electrodes: delivered with standard adult pads, pre-connected pads can be ordered separately as option.
    • Electrodes 2 years warranty
    • Battery Model: LiMnO2, lithium manganese dioxide.
    • Battery 4 years warranty
    • Capacity: Minimum 200 shocks or 4 hours of performance.
    • Shelf life: 60 months in standby, 6 years in storage.
    • AED Unit 5 years warranty
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    AED7000 Automatic External Defibrillator

    This Automatic External Defibrillator AED 7000, is safe, portable and easy to use. It an be applied in most situations to give first aid. The defibrillator can analyze the patient’s ECG, make a judgment for the patient’s cardiac condition and indicate whether the defibrillation is needed and the defibrillation strength, which not only enhances the success rate of defibrillation, but also reduces the injury of defibrillation to heart to the utmost extent.

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    Airway Box Set – Complete

    A set of 8 Guedel Airways for a full range of patients supplied in a convenient reusable plastic box

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    Alcohol Analyzer Hand Held Cheetah-1

    he Cheetah-1 breathalyzer is a hand held device for rapid breath alcohol measurement. It uses advanced fuel cell technology for increased reliability.

    The Cheetah-1 does not require the use of mouth pieces!

    Fuel cell sensors rely on an electrochemical process that oxidizes the alcohol in a breath sample. The oxidization produces an electrical current that the breathalyzer measures to determine the BAC. The strength of the current corresponds to the volume of alcohol present in the sample.

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    Alcohol Breathalyzer KY8300 Personal Use

    The KY-8300 provides precise and quick breath alcohol tests in a user-friendly and compact form. It has a built in rechargeable battery and comes complete with a microUSB cable so you can charge the device from your laptop or computer. It also comes with an AC charger and car charger.

    A bluetooth printer can be added to the device if desired, contact us to find out more.

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    Anaesthetic Trolley 6 Drawers

    Anaesthetic Trolley 6 Drawers. Used in theatre for anesthetists or procedure rooms to store equipment. An economical solution for your theatre or doctors rooms. Includes Clipboard holders on the side and with 4 x 125mm castors for easy mobility

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    Anaesthetic Trolley 6 Drawers with 3 Shelves

    Anaesthetic Trolley 6 Drawers with 3 Shelves. Used in theatre for anesthetists with a large stainless steel top for preparation. An economical solution for your theatre. Includes Clipboard holders on the side and with 4 x 125mm castors for easy mobility.