Comen S5 Defibrillator

Semi-automatic external defibrillator with ECG monitor, with multi-parameter monitor, with ECG and SpO2 monitor, with touchscreen, vest type, USB.

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Comprehensive function with Defibrillation, Pacing, Monitoring and AED mode, S5 is not only suitable for pre-hospital first aid, but also applicable in in-hospital usage.

Defibrillation: Manual defibrillation modes include synchronous cardioversion and asynchronous defibrillation. Pacing: Having on-demand pacing and fixed pacing mode, for patients with cardiac arrest and acute severe slow arrhythmia, in vitro non-invasive pacing mode is rapid, easy to master, time-saving and improve recovery success rate.

AED: The model applies patented analysis algorithm and automated analysis as well as convenient setting to guide clinical emergency personnel in providing defibrillation and basic life support.

Monitor:5-lead ECG monitoring as standard, optional monitoring functions include SpO2, NIBP, PR and EtCO2 are also available for continuous monitoring of patient vital signs.

Convenient and Efficient As the most important part of CPR, time is the key for defibrillator monitor. Therefore, S5 abandons complex operation and improve convenience and efficiency for rescue.

1 knob Mode can be switched among manual defibrillation, pacing and AED. In manual defibrillation, the user can complete the energy selection within 1 second.

3s Defibrillator charge to 200J and shock in 3 seconds, rescue time is guaranteed fully.

3 steps Fulfill defibrillating operation (Energy selection ‒ Charging ‒ Discharging). 25 types Energy selections.


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