Comen C80 Patient Monitor 12.1inch Touch Screen

Comen C80 multi-parameter patient monitor is designed to meet your every second care of patients in clinical, configuring 12.1” LED touch screen, fixed handle, various mounting solutions as well as handwriting pen, it is therefore your optimal choice for acute care.

With leading ECG technology, anti-motion & weak perfusion SpO2 technology as well as accurate NIBP measurement technology, Comen cooperate with world leading medical providers such as Masimo, Covidien, Respironics, Medis to optimize C80 performances by configuring CO2, AG, BIS and impedance cardiography
monitoring into one, helping you care even the most critical patients with professional assistance.

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  • 3/5/12-lead ECG measurement technology , leads automatic identification
  • Intelligent leads off detection and automatically leads selection guarantee uninterrupted monitoring
  • ECG ensures intensive monitoring for a particular waveform
  • CMRR≥105dB, outstanding ECG anti-interference capability
  • 26 arrhymia analysis support


  • AcuTecTM NIBP technology, high accuracy for hypertension monitoring. The initial inflatable pressure can be selected to improve the accuracy of measurement and the comfort of patients


2-channel IBP with monitoring CVP, LAP, RAP, ICP etc


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