Comen C80 Patient Monitor 12.1inch Touch Screen


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    Comen C80 Patient Monitor 12.1inch Touch Screen

    Comen C80 multi-parameter patient monitor is designed to meet your every second care of patients in clinical, configuring 12.1” LED touch screen, fixed handle, various mounting solutions as well as handwriting pen, it is therefore your optimal choice for acute care.

    With leading ECG technology, anti-motion & weak perfusion SpO2 technology as well as accurate NIBP measurement technology, Comen cooperate with world leading medical providers such as Masimo, Covidien, Respironics, Medis to optimize C80 performances by configuring CO2, AG, BIS and impedance cardiography
    monitoring into one, helping you care even the most critical patients with professional assistance.

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    Comen ECG CM1200A 12 Lead ECG


    • 8.4 inch LED touch screen
    • Multi-language operation and information input
    • 12-lead acquisition and amplification, 12 ECG waveforms recording simultaneously
    • 1:1 ratio on-screen diagnose
    • Manual/ Auto/ Rhythm working modes selectable
    • AC/DC power supply, built-in battery, support 4 hours working time
    • 300 ECG records storage and review, built-in SD card(optional) can save 40000 cases
    • Support 210mm, 216mm roll and Z-folded paper
    • Net-grid on screen for easier observation
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    Comen NC3 Vital Signs Monitor

    Convenient and accurate measurement
    •  Non-contact infrared pyroelectric measurements
    •  Built-in RF communication, wireless data transmission
    •  Rapid blood pressure measurement technique
    •  Quick switch between patient types
    •  Rapid Masimo SPO2 measurement
    • 50 sets of blood pressure measurement datastorage
    • Lithium battery with 12+ hours of continuous operation
    • The whole machine weighs only 1.25kg
    • 6-inch ultra-high-resolution color LED screen
    • Optional high-end trolley
    • Can withstands a 1.2m drop test
    • Liquid protection grade IPX1
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    Comen NC5 Vital Signs Monitor


    • 8.4 inch LED Touch Screen
    • 2200mAH Lithium battery can support 3 hours uninterrupted work
    • 160-Hour Graphic and Tabular Trends Of All Parameters
    • Spot Check and Monitor Mode
    • Parameters – NIBP, Comen SpO2
    • Optional Parameters – Suntech NIBP, Nellcor/Masimo SpO2, Infrared Ear Thermometer, ECG(Quick-ECG Measurement,monitor 3-lead ECG
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    Comen NC8 Patient Monitor

    Simple, reliable, multi-functional.

    • Semi modular patient monitor, combined the advantages of normal patient monitor and modular patient monitor, which can meet different demand of different department in hospital.
    • Support rotary knob, buttons and touch screen operation.
    • Plug and play modular design offers the most commonly used parameters, including CO2, IBP, AG, C.O. ,BIS.
    • 8 inch Screen with screen brightness auto-adjustment with ambient light sensor.
    • Button bar was located at right side on the front shell, more convenient for using.
    • Fan-less design, avoid cross contamination on laminar, ultra quiet.
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    Comen S5 Defibrillator

    Semi-automatic external defibrillator with ECG monitor, with multi-parameter monitor, with ECG and SpO2 monitor, with touchscreen, vest type, USB.

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